“Technical” penetrates every process at Champion System from start to finish.  Why?

Sourcing – We scour all of Europe and in particular, Italy, looking for the most technologically advanced fabric, purposely made for the production of sports apparels, focusing specifically on comfort, wicking, weight and breathability. The same goes for the Chamois that we let you saddle on.

Testing – We have all seen claims by manufacturers of all sorts of clothing claiming sweat wicking and moisture management properties in their garment are superior, but what information do they have to back this up?  Champion System place our jersey fabric under a multitude of tests, including a UV protection test and a United States required flammability test. In addition we have undergone the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Liquid Moisture Management properties testing and passed with flying colours. All tests were made by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – one of the most respected Technical universities in the world.

Printing process – At Champion System, we have revolutionized the art of the sublimation printing by perfecting the equilibrium between printers, inks and paper and the final heating process, culminating in the production of gleaming garments without fail.

Production – By employing different methods of stitching between different panels of the garments we are able to make them more comfortable with better fitting.  Laser cutting is used on some of our higher end garments; the advantage of the laser beam is that it not only cuts the fabric, but simultaneously, it seals the edge, removing the need to be finished off and eliminating fraying.  Coupled with our “fabric injection gripper”, instead of the traditional elastic, the finished product is lighter and more streamlined.

Order programs –Whether you are an individual or you belong to a team of over 20, Champion System has tailored made its ordering programs to fulfill the need of the masses.  What’s more, we are open about our prices and we guarantee that there will be no hidden extra charges.