Are you guys for real?
Our #1 question. Our customers find it hard to believe that we can do so much more for so much less. The answer is "yes" we are for real. Our garments can be compared to some of the world's most famous custom apparel manufacturers. Where we differ is on price. And the quality? Click here to see samples of custom garments we have already made and click here to read what our customers have to say!


But then why are your prices so much less?
Good question. We have turned the custom technical apparel business upside-down. We purchased revolutionary digital sublimation printers that eliminated the need for screens, films and all the other costly, time-consuming ways of making custom garments that our competitors use. Since our printing costs are lower. we can spend extra on purchasing premium fabrics and still have a garment that is almost half of what others charge.
Many companies have 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, etc., prices. I don't see the per-color prices on your price list. Why?
Simply because there are no color charges. We allow you to use as many colors as you want for one low price. Have a 5-color design? No problem, it's included in the price. Have a 50-color design? It's still the same price! Why limit your design to between 1 and 5 colors when you can now have unlimited colors for even less?
Are there any set-up charges or hidden fees?
None. Our price list is all-inclusive. We don't even charge extra for full zippers!
How long does a custom uniform order take?
Our lead time is 6-8 weeks from the time you approve your uniform order. Please plan ahead when submitting your order.


Do you have a rush service?
Yes, it's called CS EXPRESS. and we can ship your order about 2 weeks after proof approval. It's double the price, but it's the fastest delivery of custom uniforms in the industry.
What are your minimums?
To place an order with Champion System, you need to order only 10 of any same-style item to get started. After that, you can order any main item one-at-a-time (as part of that order).

Here are some examples of acceptable orders: • 10 cycling jerseys, bib short, 1 wind vest • 10 bib shorts, 1 cycling jersey, 1 skinsuit, 1 wind jacket • 10 cycling jerseys, 1 skinsuit, 1 speedsuit, 1 ThermoShield winter jacket

That's right, you can order items one at a time as long as you are ordering at least 10 of any same-style item.  Finally, your triathlon teammate can order one trisuit and your teammate who trains all winter can order a custom thermoshield jacket. Our reorder policy requires a minimum of only 10 total main items, which can be mixed as you please (ex. 5 jerseys, 5 bib shorts).

Incredible, right? Compare our minimums to other companies. None of our competitors will allow you to order items one at a time! Click here for more detailed information on our order minimums.

Are these "semi-custom" garments?
NO WAY! Most of our competitors offer "semi-custom" singlets, where you can choose from a few stock templates and you place your logo on the front and back only. Yuck!  How would you feel if another team showed up at the same race or ride with the exact same design as your team, only with a different logo?  Forget "semi-custom" — all our products are full custom with your unique design, colors and logos. Our full custom garments are even less than most companies' "semi-custom" garments!


Will I receive a proof?
Of course! Before production begins, you will receive an email from us with a full-color proof of your uniform. Let us know what you think of the design and if you want to make any changes. Only when you are completely satisfied will we begin production. Sit back and relax knowing we are making exactly what you ordered.


We already have uniforms. Can we order just accessories?
Absolutely! You can order any of our custom accessories to match your team kit. Choose from custom hats and visors, gloves, and arm warmers, and more!  If you are ordering just accessories, the minimum for most categories is 25 per category (for socks, it is 50 pair). Just let us know the colors in your present uniforms and we'll match everything for you.


Have more questions? Email us at azcrew@me.com.